Man walking naked down busy Sheffield street ‘brought traffic to standstill’ - court

Kelly Savage
Kelly Savage
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A naked man whose arrest brought traffic to a standstill near a busy main road in Sheffield has been given a 17-month driving ban and admitted he had been smoking crack cocaine.

Kelly Savage, aged48, of Woolridge Way, London, appeared at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court and pleaded guilty to failing to stop for police and failing to provide a specimen for analysis.

Savage had come to Sheffield on business and after meeting up with some acquaintances, he decided to buy and smoke the drug.

Shortly afterwards he was seen walking naked down Boston Road, Sharrow, and was arrested in his car by officers close to the Sainsbury’s Local store on London Road.

Officers had to smash the windows to get him out of his car and, as he was believed to be driving under the influence of drugs, he was taken to Northern General hospital.

Savage refused to give a blood sample but has since admitted to smoking crack cocaine.

Siobhan Doran, prosecuting, told the court: “He became fearful and confused and he was under pressure to pay money to his dealers which was why he got into his car.”

Matthew Hauge, defending, said: “This is a very strange case and out of character. Mr Savage has had a colourful past but has since turned his life around.

“He has set up an IT business, in which he is a consultant and has done well. His actions were somewhat foolish.

“In this incident, he finds himself in Sheffield where he meets some associates and foolishly smoked some crack.

His dealers made some unreasonable demands.

He said that he was feeling very paranoid.

“There are now no issues with drugs.

“He is in receipt of a fairly modest salary and is a family man and lives with his wife.

“He only drove for a very short distance before he was arrested and should be given full credit for a guilty plea.

“It would be troubling for him to be given a driving ban as he does a lot travelling for work.

“But he has created his own problems and is the author of his own misfortune. He is realistic and knows he will just have to take the train. He has had a clean license up until this.”

Magistrates ordered Savage to pay a fine of £750, a victim surcharge of £75, £150 in court costs and £85 in costs.

He was told to pay the total of £1,060 sin monthly instalments of £100.