Man threatens to jump from high-rise flats

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Rush hour traffic ground to rush hour traffic ground to a halt yesterday as a man in his underwear clutching an umbrella threatened to jump from a city centre flat.

The man shouted and screamed as he sat on the window ledge of the sixth-floor flat on the Brook Hill Roundabout.

A police officer raised the alarm after spotting the man threatening to jump.

Police cordoned off the busy road as officers tried to talk the man down.

The police helicopter was also scrambled and paramedics were on standby.

Marky Greaves, aged 24, from nearby Netherthorpe, was passing by when he saw the man hanging out of the window of his old flat.

He said bottles had been thrown from other windows in the tower block on previous occasions.

He said: “They’ve got big windows but no window catches on them so people can just hang out.”

Staff from Sheffield University said the man first came out at around 8.45am.

The man appeared to be filming on his mobile phone as police officers shouted at him not to jump.

At 9.43am the man moved back into the room and shortly afterwards officers closed the sixth floor window.

Police cordoned off the road from The Star and Garter pub on the corner of Bolsover Street and Weston Street down to the roundabout.

It caused chaos for commuters using the busy route into the city centre and to the motorways who had to be re-directed.

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said the man was unharmed after the incident.

She added he had been detained for his own safety.

The spokeswoman said: “Police attended Brightmore Drive in Sheffield at around 9am after an officer had seen a man threatening to jump from a window of a block of flats.

“Officers talked to the man and he was successfully brought to safety.

“The area was cordoned off and one nearby road was closed for a short time for public safety purposes.

“The man has since been detained for his own safety.”