Man fined £400 for failing to clear messy Dinnington garden

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A man has been fined £400 for failing to clear a large amount of rubbish from his garden.

Joe Broughton, who privately rented a property on Leicester Road, Dinnington, was found guilty by Rotherham magistrates, who also ordered him to pay costs of £316.25.

A complaint was made against him in May 2014 and Broughton was served with an abatement notice the following month - but failed to clear up the mess, which included wood, plastics, tyres and bags of rubbish.

Dave Richmond, Rotherham Council’s director of neighbourhood services, said: “No resident should be expected to put up with that kind of mess on their doorsteps. If people cannot be bothered to deal with their household waste properly then we will take them to court.”