Man accused of murdering Sheffield workmate ‘stunned’ at death

Simon holdsworth
Simon holdsworth
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A Sheffield man accused of murdering a workmate cried when he learned he had been killed and was ‘angry’ and ‘stunned’.

Shaun Wainwright, aged 46, of Dagnam Road, Arbourthorne, told police: “I cried. Angry, stunned, dismay, I was shocked. I ended up getting a lager out of the car.”

Flowers at the spt where Simon Holdsworth's body was found

Flowers at the spt where Simon Holdsworth's body was found

Wainwright denies murdering 36-year-old Simon Holdsworth, his workmate at FBS Prestige on Birley Vale Avenue.

Mr Holdsworth was beaten to death with a blunt weapon on playing fields by Rainbow Forge Primary School in Hackenthorpe on December 16, 2013, as he walked home from work at night.

Teesside Crown Court heard that Wainwright had discussed Mr Holdsworth’s murder with punters and landlords in a number of Sheffield pubs.

He told one man Simon had been stabbed 12 times, had a hole in the back of his head and had been attacked with a Samurai sword.

He told another that a ‘gypsy’ murdered Mr Holdsworth.

The court was also told this morning that Mr Holdsworth’s rucksack was examined after his death. It contained a letter to Santa from his young step son.

The jury heard a transcript read of the defendant’s police interview in January 2014.

Wainwright told police he saw a colleague with his head in his hands who told him they were ‘100% sure’ it was Simon’s body that had been found.

Late afternoon he said he went back to work as he had not heard anything about Simon.

He and a colleague then went fishing at locations including Oughtibridge for the whole day.

Wainwright told police that on the morning after Simon’s murder he went to his workplace, FBS Prestige, to pick up his wallet.

During his interview, Wainwright said he had visited the murder scene a number of times after Simon died to pay his respects.

On one occasion he had laid a £3.70 wreath for Simon, on another he had said aloud ‘See you later mate, missing you’.

He said: “I was very shocked because he was a likeable lad, he isn’t a person that’s got a bad bone in him.”

Wainwright said if he had given Simon a lift home on the fateful night none of it would have happened.

The court heard Wainwright has previous convictions for theft, harassment, GBH and common assault.

During interviews in March and June 2014 Wainwright began to answer ‘no comment’ to all questions.

Wainwright, who was due to give evidence today, is now expected to go in the witness box tomorrow.