Male bad taste? In at number Onesie

Onesie: big, bad babygrow.
Onesie: big, bad babygrow.
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Hahahaha... Laugh long, laugh loud, ladies. At last, the tables have turned.

In 2012, men became fashion’s biggest victims.

Since forever, it’s been us garbing up in whatever fashion dictates, posing in the mirror and persuading ourselves what we see is cool, not fool.

Now men have followed suit. Swallowed the lie. Ditched the tie, the jeans, the trainers... And fallen for the hype.

The undeniable proof? Onesies for men: surely 2012’s Biggest Fashion Faux Pas.

Shoppers at website VoucherCodesPro have voted these over-sized babygrows as the most reviled fashion trend of the past year.

And it’s fact they look far worse on them than us (there’s something very unpleasant about that rabbit-in-a-sack crotch look).

In at Number Two? Male Ugg boots. Uggly on girls, they’re positively grotesque on men. Why would you go out in something that looks like slippers?

A close runner-up is yet another trend lifted straight from a girlfriend’s wardrobe... Plunging V-neck T-shirts. They’re just so... so... Peter Andre. All that man-cleavage – and no Wonderbras (thankfully) to cover chilly nipples.

I’d have to vote, too, for those awful drop-crotch chinos currently deforming young lads’ legs. They waddle about, gait as wide as John Wayne’s, in a bid to keep their strides from sliding to their knees. They wear them with those horrible pumps that make their feet look really small and girly.

2013? Bring it on.