Make the most of party time

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IT’S party time across South Yorkshire today as families and friends come together for a celebration on Royal wedding day. And we are sure there will be no shortage of people happy to make the most of the occasion. For the truth of the matter is that you don’t have to be a royalist to enjoy today’s parties.

For today is a bank holiday and a chance to spend time with the people whose company gives you pleasure.

From experience we know that there will be thousands making the most of the day because South Yorkshire folk really know how to enjoy a good party.

But we hope there will be a lasting legacy. Such get-togethers foster tremendous community spirit, with people making the effort to spend time with neighbours.

That feeling of community spirit deserves to be nurtured and we hope it will encourage people to put aside time to enjoy the company of their neighbours once the bunting has come down.

Club bosses need to learn this lesson

SHEFFIELD’S night time economy is a tremendous and highly valuable asset to the city, ensuring that residents can find plenty of variety when they are looking for entertainment and it brings prosperity and jobs. However, it seems that this comes with some risk.

And that risk was amplified loud and clear when violence repeatedly broke out at one of the city’s nightclubs.

Now that club has been closed after police were granted an emergency order. And that is as it should be.

People should be feel secure in the city centre at night and not worried that they could be caught up in trouble.

This closure incident is a lesson for all involved in the nightclub trade to take to heart: ensure that your customers are safe and that trouble is not allowed to break out in your premises.

Otherwise you too may well end up paying the price with a closure order falling on your lap.

Take a fresh look

WE take many of the wonders of the modern world for granted. Sadly this numbs our senses when we are confronted by an item which would, at one time, have been considered an absolute marvel.

That is why it is a privilege to take a glance back in time to when life was so much more innocent and simple. And you can do that by delving with us into the diary Elizabeth Womersley kept during her visit to America, where she was one of the first of a flood of mass tourists. Things we take for granted every day of our life left Elizabeth gazing in awe. So why not take a fresh look at the things we take for granted?

You may be surprised at how marvellous they really are.