Make Supertram more accessible

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Your article about the wheelchair user being unable to access Supertram highlights a problem for wheelchair users who wish to access Supertram independently in Sheffield.

The height of the step as you enter Supertram from the platform differs depending on which tram stop you are using and can also be a different height depending which end of the tram you are entering from.

This problem has not just arisen since tracks have been renewed. Whether it is a problem with the tracks or the Supertrams suspension system I don’t know but there is a problem that needs addressing.

Many of my friends, along with my daughter, use powered wheelchairs and they have found over the years this is a problem that is getting worse and needs to be resolved.

Stagecoach’s response to this is that independent wheelchair users should board at the front carriage.

This is not good enough, bearing in mind that there are only two allocated wheelchair spaces on each Supertram, which restricts the independent wheelchair user to one accessible space.

Come on Stagecoach, no more spin, return our Supertram to being the most accessible form of public transport that it once was.

Robert Moody

Gleadless Townend, Sheffield