Magnificent sights on scenic bus ride

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Stagecoach’s X17 service between Matlock and the City must be one of the best and most scenic bus routes in the entire land.

The modern double decker buses are both comfortable and spacious.

They also run smoothly, unlike many city buses that shake, rattle and roll, in that order.

However despite the glorious autumn colours as the X17 makes its way between Chesterfield and Sheffield along the Dronfield by-pass, the most amazing sight greeted me and fellow passengers.

On October 10, as the bus left St Mary’s Gate roundabout and entered Eyre Street, a truly magnificent sight greeted us.

All along the central reservation of the dual carriageway were thousands of large lilac-pink Autumn crocuses (colchicums).

They made a splendid sight, especially when gazing down from the top deck of a bus.

What particularly amazed me was the size and strength of these delicate blooms.

Yes, some people scoff at bus travel, but it really does have it’s perks at times.

Geoff A Evans, Stanfree, Bolsover

What does Terry Andrews of Base Green Tenants’ and Residents’ Association know of the 52 bus route? Where does he live on this bus route?

I am sick and tired of people bleating about the 52. Once upon a time we had an excellent bus service but I tell him and the rest of the moaners, not any more. We have to wait a lot longer than the few minutes quoted by him in the Star to try and get to work, schools and colleges.

It doesn’t make a good service when we have to wait 30-40 minutes between each bus then a train of them come at once.

That’s when people comment ‘not another 52.’

Try getting from The White Rose to the Wicker in a morning. Because we have such a large population on this route from Woodhouse to Crookes we need more buses.

Frustrated 52 Bus User