‘Madine needs to say sorry’

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A man knocked unconscious by disgraced Owl Gary Madine has called for a personal apology from the player – who has been let out of jail early.

Daniel Beresford, 22, was left with a broken nose after being punched by Madine in a city centre nightspot.

He says he has never received one word of an apology from the player – despite a statement the striker issued on his release last month, just four months into an 18-month jail term, in which he claimed to apologise ‘unreservedly’ for his crimes.

Speaking exclusively to The Star, Daniel said: “I am pretty gutted he served only four months of an 18-month sentence, but I am really disappointed he has come out of jail and said he has apologised.

“I have not had anything from him or the club.

“I am a Sheffield Wednesday fan, which is what makes all this even worse.

“I want an apology but I also want an explanation from Madine for why he attacked me.

“I saw him staring, I asked him what he was looking at, and he came over and punched me – it was totally unprovoked.”

Daniel, who no longer lives in Sheffield, was in the Paris bar on Carver Street in February 2012 when he was punched in the face by Madine. Just four weeks later Madine, from Middlewood, attacked another man, Reece Hall in the Viper Room, shattering his victim’s cheekbone.

Madine was jailed for 18 months after being found guilty of assault causing actual bodily harm on Daniel, and GBH on Mr Hall.

But he was released on licence last week after serving just four months and is back training with Sheffield Wednesday.

Club chairman Milan Mandaric said Madine had ‘apologised to all affected’.