Loving father a great loss to his family

Killed: Tyron Woodhead
Killed: Tyron Woodhead
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TYRON Woodhead, gunned down on his doorstep, had led an ‘ordinary, hard-working, married life’ for more than 20 years.

Married to wife Gillian, a doting father to their daughter Shannon, and loved by his parents Jim and Jen, Mr Woodhead worked as a delivery driver for Longleys Building Supplies in Rotherham.

In 2007 he was hailed a hero after leaping from his wagon and running to the aid of a screaming woman being stabbed to death by a knife-wielding ex.

Mr Woodhead was later awarded £400 from public funds, and a national Jill Dando prize for his bravery in trying in vain to save the life of Doreen Corbett from the attack by Philip Stier.

“I never even thought about the danger,” he said at the time. “I just heard a lady screaming. I did what I’d expect everyone to do, but people were just driving by.”

So the father-of-one’s own tragic violent death was made even worse - by the fact his loving family had no idea he had also started dealing secretly in crack cocaine, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Around two years before his death, Mr Woodhead began peddling crack from a ‘shop’ he set up at his home in Wath, prosecutor Jonathan Sharp told the court.

And it was that descent into drug dealing that eventually led to his demise, after he came to the attention of crooks Nathan Wingfield, Stephen Rodgers and their associates, who decided to ‘tax’ him - steal his money and drugs by threatening violence.

Mr Sharp said Mr Woodhead’s family had been devastated by the revelations about his double life.

Widow Gillian was still too upset to talk, and Mr Woodhead’s father James ‘speaks as a loving father and of the great loss this has had on the family’, Mr Sharp said.

“The loss of his son is perhaps made more acute by the difficult realisation they had no idea of the circumstances that led Mr Woodhead to be the subject of this attack,” he added.

Det Supt Matt Fenwick told The Star: “It has been a difficult and complex inquiry. We have run a large scale investigation into this from the day Tyron was shot.

“We had a significant number of officers who worked tirelessly on the investigation.”

Sentencing Wingfield and Rodgers for manslaughter, Judge Roger Keen QC told the pair: “There is nothing I can do by way of my sentence to repair the damage, hurt and distress for which you are responsible.”