Lovely lad... but Ant’s mishap gets my thumbs down

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The main story at the top of The Mail Online on Tuesday afternoon?

‘Ant rushed to hospital after slicing tip of his thumb off’.

I kid you not.

The article is, of course, referring to Ant of Ant and Dec fame. Lovely bloke. Though why his tea-time kitchen mishap deserved a place in our daily news - particularly above the fold - absolutely baffles me.

‘Life for Britain’s most notorious killer’ was relegated significantly down the page below a lengthy description of 38-year-old Ant’s dangerous dance with a vegetable peeler.

I did the same thing myself once and I guarantee it wasn’t remotely newsworthy. The non-episode barely warranted a text message to my mum.

But that’s the world of ‘celebs’ we live in isn’t it? If I have to see one more headline about Kim Kardashian ‘wearing a revealing outfit’, ‘out walking beautiful baby North’ or ‘smooching with Kanye’ I might just throw up.

Jordan, I honestly don’t give a hoot who you’re married to this month and, as for you Kerry Katona, by all means lose weight or gain weight, but please don’t feel the need to pose in a bikini and tell me how you did it.

Is it any wonder these people end up with such inflated egos, with paparazzi constantly spoonfeeding us these pointless snippets?

Rant over.