Loved-up smug-shots so cheesy

Couplie shot of Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright
Couplie shot of Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright
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I’m sick of the sights of selfies. Whether they’re already famous or desperate to be, have these people obsessively snapping their own pouting faces nothing better to do than preen in front of a camera lens?

Quite how they get these shots is beyond me, too. Even if I wanted to share an I Love Me shot, it would take two dozen pics before there was one half-decent. Camera phones don’t do soft-focus, do they?

If selfies turn your stomach too, stock up on Milk of Magnesia for Valentine’s Day; this blatant, big-headed display of self-adoration is about to get ever more nauseating. The new trend? The couplie - a smug-shot intended to show the world just how amaaazing two singularly narcissistic people look as a duo. Instead of one cheesy mugshot, it’s cheese and onion.