Looking back at the smells of happy, carefree days

Domestic Science in 1895, from Laundry Work for Scholars.
Domestic Science in 1895, from Laundry Work for Scholars.
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Once again I am writing to say how I so enjoy reading The Star, the Editor’s page and most of all, Monica Makes Sense.

Her article on the love of smells reminded me of the smell of my late mother’s cooking when I was a child, (I am now 80).

Mother’s lovely stews, for her and me and my brother and sister, but a separate one for father as he didn’t like onions!

She made lovely pastry and suet puddings with muslin over the basin.

Sunday dinner was gorgeous, beef, veg and a big Yorkshire pudding, always eaten before the dinner. Her gravy was gorgeous.

We all had to sit at the table while my father carved the meat.

Mother baked breadcakes in the coal oven, the smell was lovely.

Sunday tea was probably a tin of salmon, then the breadcakes, with real butter and real fresh strawberry jam, delicious! Her pancakes were ‘out of this world’.

Another great smell was wash day, on Mondays, dolly tub, posher and the hand wringer.

The smell of father cleaning all our shoes, polish blacking lovely, must have clean shoes!

Furniture polish on Thursdays, hous ework day.

Such happy carefree days despite the war years.