Look after our own people first

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Premier Dave Cameron and his coalition cronies are still brainwashing us all into thinking Britain is bust and it was all caused by the last Labour government.

If the truth is that Britain is battling record debt and ministers are being forced to slash public spending, how come Mr Cameron persists in giving millions of taxpayers’ money away in foreign aid?

He has taken money from our OAPs’ winter fuel allowance and young people’s college grants to pledge another £814 million to vaccinate the world’s poor.

We’ll be spending £2.3 billion in 30 years which is more than any other country.

No-one wants to see third world children suffer but if we can’t afford to look after our own why should Cameron be looking for ‘brownie points’ abroad?

Charity should begin at home and ministers should fix Britain first.

Terry Palmer, Hoyland

Mystery man in Homes office

How about this one from our new Labour council?

I reported a repair and waited for someone to come to assess the job. No-one contacted me, although I stopped in all day. I phoned the next day and was told a chap came to assess the job. I called Sheffield Homes and was told they’d bring the person who had called round to the phone.

Great, I thought, but after a couple of minutes, the operator got back and said: “I’m sorry, but there is no such person by that name.” Remember, this was Sheffield Homes who gave me the caller’s name in the first place. Now the lady said: “I’ll look on the internet for him.”

Guess what? She said: “Hold on, he’s not on the internet, so I’ll email him for you.” How stupid do they think we are?

Now, thanks to our Labour clowns, we have an elusive person working, or not working, for Sheffield Homes.

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