Longshaw estate

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Interesting article yesterday, Retro, May 26, but you got one fact wrong, I think.

As far as I can tell there was a shooting estate at least as early as 1827, although it wouldn’t have been the full building we know today.

It has seen various additions over the years, evidenced by the different styles of stonework.

In 1827 the Dukes of Rutland and Wellington were at Longshaw and declined an invitation to the Cutler’s Feast.

It was noted in The Times on September 4, 1827, and the Duke of Wellington’s presence at Longshaw was noted in the edition of August 29.

I attach copies of both editions. They may make for an interesting piece for a future Retro.

It seems that at that time Haddon Hall may have been slipping into disrepair and Longshaw was the Duke’s favoured spot away from Belvoir Castle and his London quarters.

The turnpike road that came over Houndkirk Moor was authorised and built around 1758 and the Fox House Inn would then have become a staging place on the route to Buxton.

There must be more to discover, if we knew where to look!

Chris Morgan

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