VIDEO: Tour de France fans camping in Bradfield

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Hundreds of people have set up camp in Bradfield ready for the Tour de France to arrive.

Barbecues, wellies and bunting galore are filling the quiet rural village - with dozens of bikers also enjoying the sunshine.

At the Cotton Star Camping site off Windy Bank a group of Nepalese people have set up a traditional tent and others have travelled from as far away as London.

But some families are from closer to home.

Couple Deborah Burrell and Andrew Clayton, of Woodhouse, arrived yesterday with children Molly, Poppy and Scarlett.

Deborah, 46, said: “It’s really busy and exciting, everyone seems happy.

“Even though it rained last night everyone sat around the campfire together.

“The kids had a choice of here or going somewhere else to do karate and they wanted to come here because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Pals Lee Dodsworth, of Elsecar in Barnsley, and Michael Hadfield, of Ridegeway, have also brought their daughters.

Michael said: “There are so many cyclists everywhere , its really buzzing.”

Campsite organisers now have two free spaces- probably the only ones in Bradfield - as The Star’s camper van struggled to make it over wet ground.

Sarah Smith, joint organiser, said: “It has been a lovely atmosphere, everyone has been pitching in and helping out.

“It’s a community vibe.”

Call 07872 169439 to book the two tent spaces.




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