VIDEO: Superman foils Sheffield shop raid

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  • by Graham Walker

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s real-life Superman Luke Junior – who was cheered by families as he made a citizen’s arrest dressed as his comic book hero, writes Graham Walker.

A suspected thief was making his getaway from a store when Sheffield’s own Man Of Steel stepped in.

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch Graham Walker’s exclusive video report.

The 24-year-old super fan – wearing a £500 costume he had imported from Argentina – was taking part in a charity fundraiser near the Heron Foods store off Gleadless Road, Newfield Green, when he sprang into action and collared the suspect.

When he heard a rumpus outside the frozen food outlet, as staff confronted a man, he went to help – and the alleged thief ran straight towards him.

He grabbed him, made a citizen’s arrest, and held on to the suspect until two female police officers arrived to cart him off in handcuffs.

A crowd of people cheered and applauded, while a DJ at the nearby Cash Converters store – also taking part in the charity fun day – played the heroic Superman theme music.

Luke, an off-duty Meadowhall security officer, has been trained to make citizen’s arrests and said it’s not something he would encourage the general public to do.

But he wasn’t about to turn a blind eye as he was helping out at Gleadless Valley Community Action Group day, to raise money for a skate park.

Luke, of Gleadless, said: “The last thing you want to do is run straight into Superman. He was going nowhere but the police station.

“The two policewomen were very professional. They didn’t even crack a smile.

“But everyone else was cheering and clapping, then the Superman music came on. I went back to the children and, as Superman would, I told them to always stay on the right side of the law. I’ve not lived it down since.”

His own Lois Lane – girlfriend Charlotte Smith, 24 – was shocked and worried for his safety. But Luke, who is hoping to become a fireman, said: “My mum said I should be some sort of superhero symbol and I feel I am now.”

Karen Bayliss, assistant manager at Heron Foods, rewarded Luke with a kiss.

She said: “We’d been watching the customer. A sales assistant and the manager confronted him outside. They needed some help and Superman came along.”

Cash Converters worker Daniel Mottram said: “Our friend in the superhero suit pinned the man up against the wall and held him while the police came, then handed him over.

“Our DJ played the Superman theme as the police carted him off and there were cheers from everyone.

“He was fantastic. If we had more like him we wouldn’t have any trouble at all.”

It’s not the first time Luke’s showed off his super talents.

He wore his costume to collect money at the Man Of Steel opening screening recently at Cineworld to aid Sheffield’s Hospital Charity and children with cancer.

Follow Luke’s charity fundraising efforts and why not reward his good deed with a donation. He’s known as GBR Superman @LukeJunior2o12.

Photos of the arrest by eye-witness Katie Muscroft.

* A man has been charged with theft from shop and is to appear at Sheffield Magistrates Court.




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