VIDEO: Five dead in Sheffield house fire

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  • by Graham Walker

This is the first picture of two brothers who died in a house fire in Sheffield in the early hours of today.

Amaan Nazim, aged seven, and his brother Adhyan Nazim, nine, died in the blaze along with their nine-week-old sister, grandmother Shabina Begum, 54, and her daughter Anum Parvaiz, 20.

Hero grandmother Amaan died frantically battling in vain to save her daughter and three grandchildren from the blaze on Wake Road, Sharrow, shortly after midnight, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said.

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PHOTOS: Pictures from the scene of the fire which has left the community devastated - CLICK HERE.

Family spokesman Mr Hussein Kayani said: “It’s just a huge tragedy. Words cannot describe how sad this is.

“It’s a tragedy beyond description.

“I’m not exaggerating. This will take years before it is erased from our memories.

“They were such a lovely family and such a likeable family who were very well respected.”

Mr Kayani said Mrs Begum had managed to get out of the house unharmed but then went back in to try to save the children.

He said: “She came out and went back in a tried her level best.

“Frantic efforts were made to rescue the children.”

Mr Kayani said the children’s parents were in a state of shock.

“The mother is in a state of shock, she is crying beyond control, her emotions are beyond control, the father is in a state of shock.”

He said around 300 members of the community had gathered in the street last night and relatives had been ringing from Pakistan all desperate for news.

Mr Kayani told The Star the house was fitted with smoke alarms adding: “At this stage we can’t comment further because there is an investigation going on.”

Police were this morning carrying our door-to-door enquiries and searching neighbours’ gardens.

A South Yorkshire Fire Service spokesman said: “An investigation has commenced, involving police and fire officers, to establish the cause of the fire.”

Four fire engines were called to the scene at 12.30am this morning and an aerial ladder was also used to tackle the blaze.

Police and paramedics rushed to the house after receiving emergency calls.

Wake Road, lined with cars on each side, was cordoned off by police tape this morning.

A police spokesman said the damaged building was believed to be a terraced house.

A fire brigade spokesman said: “An investigation has commenced, involving police and fire officers, to establish the cause of the fire.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “At this stage we are not able to confirm where in the house the fire broke out or if anyone else was injured.”

Police officers and firefighters are still at the scene.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said that details about the fire would become clearer later on today.

He said: “Our investigators are arriving here at 9am, so we will know more later on this morning.”

A Wath Road resident said: “We were woken by the sirens and blue lights, then we noticed the strong smell of smoke.”

“I went outside to see if it was anything we should worry about and was told by the police that there was a serious fire on the next street.”

“The sirens kept coming for what felt like ages... ambulances, fire engines and police cars whizzing past.”

“Everyone was in the street or at their doors watching the rescue attempt.”

“I heard people saying that someone had died but I didn’t realise the extent of the tragedy until this morning.”

“When part of the cordon was lifted in the early hours lots of people walked down to get as close as they could and pay their respects.”

“When I set off for work this morning I could see the devastation on my neighbours’ faces. The community is in mourning.”

“We just don’t understand how something like this could happen.”

A neighbour who didn’t wish to be named, said: “It is an absolute tragedy. We are devastated as a community to have lost this family in this awful fire.”




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