VIDEO: Couple escape unharmed as car hits garden wall in Sheffield

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An elderly couple had a lucky escape after their car hurtled backwards down a hill at speed and crashed into a garden wall – missing a house by inches.

The incident happened shortly before 2pm yesterday on Fern Road, Walkley, Sheffield.

Eyewitnesses described the car flying backwards before crashing through a garden wall and knocking down an archway.

The couple, believed to be in their late 70s, were taken to hospital as a precaution but were thought to be unharmed.

Their car, a black Ford Mondeo, was left wedged between two properties and had to be winched away.

Afaz Afshar, aged 66, lives opposite the affected house and was doing work on the outside of his property when he saw the car whizz past and soar into the air before crunching to a halt.

“It hit the wall and the acceleration was so much it went up,” he said.

Shocked homeowners came out to offer help to the couple and the emergency services were called. The car was wedged between a property on Fern Road and a house owned by Tim Fordham on adjoining Robertson Road.

Mr Fordham, 47, who runs Mayfield Coaching and Consultancy, was working from home at the time. The dad-of-four said it was lucky no-one was hurt.

“I was in my dining room and heard this awful scraping and at first I thought the radio had gone wrong. When I went outside, there was a car in our garden,” he said.

“It is a really steep road so they must have come down at a fair old lick. They hit the wall which slowed them down. Six inches the other way they would have reversed straight into the house and could have been quite seriously injured.”




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