BREAKING NEWS: Police and fire crews pull man from river

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A man who called police and told them he was going to throw himself off a bridge was rescued from a river in Sheffield in the early hours of this morning.

Fire crews used a cherry-picker to pull the man, thought to be in his mid-20s, from the River Don, off Rutland Road, at about 1.45am.

Police received a call at about 0.40am from a man who said he was going to throw himself off the bridge in Rutland Road.

Ten minutes later officers were on the scene and found the man in the water.

The road was closed while fire crews shined spotlights into the water and lowered ladders into the river.

The man was pulled from the river and handed to ambulance crews for treatment, but his condition is not yet known.

Inspector Russ Hughes said: “Earlier this evening received a call from an unknown male suggesting he was going to throw himself off the bridge.

“He was rescued thanks to the combined efforts of South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue.”


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