Anger as pet injured in Doncaster town centre attack

Ollie pictured at the vets, after the attack.

Ollie pictured at the vets, after the attack.

A couple have been left devastated and £1,100 out of pocket after their treasured pet was savaged by a dog in Doncaster town centre,

Two-year-old Ollie needed around 35 stitches and is still in danger of losing one of his legs after a cane corso savaged him.

The large Italian working dog - that is on the dangerous dogs list - launched at Lhasa Apso Ollie in the terrifying attack outside the post office in Priory Place.

Owners Alan and Jean Hopkins, of Kirk Sandall, have been stung with a £1,100 vets bill as they have been unable to track down the dog’s owner.

Describing the attack that took place on October 29, caravan park warden Alan Hopkins, 64, said: “There were two of these Cane Corso dogs on leads with some young lads but as soon as one of them saw Ollie he launched at him.

“I jumped on the dog but even 16 stone of weight wasn’t enough to stop him. There was blood spurting out.”

A police spokesman confirmed the incident is being investigated. Call police on 101.




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