Lobby Nick Clegg to get fairer funding in Sheffield

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I am writing to correct a statement in The Star article (February 17) on a possible 20mph zone in Greystones.

The statement is that, ‘The U-turn means that none of the six sign-only zones which will be introduced in areas of the city fall within the south-west of the city.’ This is incorrect. Every area of the city was due to have one zone in the first phase, based around a primary school, although both the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats voted against the school requirement.

The south-west community assembly considered a number of possible sites for a south-west zone and the 12 councillors, including those from Ecclesall, selected a zone in Crookes ward, based around Westways School. The signs in Crookes are now in place.

It is a Labour policy to introduce a 20mph limit in residential areas. I understand Councillor Davison’s disappointment that there is not a zone in Greystones yet but, rather than spending his time getting his picture in the paper along with the other Ecclesall Liberal Democrat councillors, I suggest they all lobby their MP Nick Clegg for fairer funding for Sheffield to enable a speedier roll out of the council’s 20mph policy.

Geoff Smith

By email