Liverpool fan relives ordeal of Hillsborough crush and says he thought he was going to die

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A Liverpool fan has spoken of the moment he thought he was going to die in the crush at the Hillsborough Disaster.

John Davies was reliving his ordeal at the new inquests into the deaths of the 96 supporters who died in the 1989 tragedy.

He said he went to the game with six friends, arrived at around 2pm and went to pen three.

At around 2.30pm he went to the toilet but was unable to get back to his place because the pen was so crowded.

He said he started to get pushed around and at one point the right-hand side of his face was crushed up against the perimeter fence.

“Somebody fell over in front of me and I fell on top of them,” he said.

Mr Davies said he fell with his face on the track and his chest on the step of the gate and others fell on top of him.

He said his friend John Bailey and two police officers called to him to tell him to keep his eyes open.

He said: “They were just encouraging me to stay there and they would help me.”

Mr Davies said the officers tried to pull him out of the crowd, but couldn’t.

A man next to him who had been shouting eventually fell silent and Mr Davies said he thought he had died.

He was eventually freed and was taken by to the side of the pitch by two police officers who left in the recovery position.

He was carried to the Spion Kop end on a hoarding before being taken to the gym and given oxygen because he was struggling to breathe.

In reply to questions from Terry Munyard on behalf of three of the bereaved families Mr Davies confirmed when he was in the crush he felt he had been in it forever and he wasn’t going to make it.

He told the jury he thought he was going to die.

Mr Davies said when interviewed by the police after the tragedy the first thing he was asked, was how much he’d had to drink.

He said: “I thought they would have been more concerned about my welfare at the time.”

The hearing continues.