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Do you feel a little guilty driving past Sheffield Don Valley Stadium this morning on your way to Meadowhall with little Johnny and Jules shackled up in the back seat on route for a high-calorie feast.

Alternatively, stop and have a stroll round the stadium, take up the challenge with your kids to see who can reach the finishing line first.

Just for a moment take it all in and breathe the aura of the place, the excitement, the nostalgia.

Just for that one moment you could be the parent cheering on one of the new kids on the block.

You can see their little faces contorted with glee as they scramble to the line, a desperate lunge and they’ve made it, you have done it just like the mighty J, the sports queen of the nation.

Well, you better live the dream while you still can.

This time next year, the only memories we will have of it is a little crushed brick on the sideboard .

Find something good without looking for it, it’s on your doorstep.

Someone out there is the new star of Sheffield.

Let it be you, let it be known as Don Valley, the people’s stadium.

You know it makes sense.

Electric Ian

So Sheffield City Council in its wisdom decide to close Don Valley Stadium and probably have it demolished.

They will probably still have to pay for the building, whether it is still standing or is a pile of rubble.

This council could not run a raffle and the sooner they are out of office the better

They should look down the Moor and decide to demolish the monstrosity that has divided the Moor from London Road for years.

Rugby pitches, cricket pitches, tennis courts, bowling greens, pitch and putting greens, netball courts. Where have all these gone out of the Sheffield parks?

I can remember in Richmond Park there were four cricket pitches.

Councillors have the cheek to call Sheffield the city of sport. Never.

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