Litterbug killer is found hanged in cell

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A VICIOUS prisoner jailed for stabbing a woman after she told him to pick up his litter has been found hanged in his prison cell.

Stuart Aherne was aged just 18 when he was jailed for life for killing 45-year-old mum Jean Ryder in 2003.

Aherne, 26, was found dead in prison on Saturday morning and the prison service has confirmed an investigation has now begun.

Staff at HMP Lindholme, in Doncaster, attempted to revive the prisoner but he was pronounced dead 10 minutes after he was discovered.

Aherne had killed Mrs Ryder in Manchester after she had asked him to pick up his discarded litter and he told her to pick it up herself.

She picked it up and put it in the bin before he stabbed her in the back.

A neighbour found the mum dying on the pavement.

A Prison Service spokesman said: “As with every death in custody, the prisons and probation ombudsman will conduct a full investigation.”