Listen to the voters on AV

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WHEN the Lib Dem-Conservative coalition government took charge just under a year ago, it was not the result anyone voted for.

WHEN the Lib Dem-Conservative coalition government took charge just under a year ago, it was not the result anyone voted for.

So it seems appropriate that the same government has now sanctioned a poll to be held across the country on changing the voting system.

Last year’s election no-result blurred the lines of traditional government and pointed towards a more European system of compromise between parties.

A new style of politics.

And this is the essence of the Alternative Vote debate, which has split the main parties, even seeing Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband make an odd couple in favour of the new option.

But this is not about political allegiance. It is about a system which works for the voters and the country.

Whether AV is fair appears to depend on who you listen to. And what the politicians need to do is listen to the voters.

If the May 5 referendum makes the parties do that, then it will have been worth the money.

Tough choice for Remploy workers

IT is a sad day for workers at local Remploy factories after 40 of them volunteered for redundancy. But it is a sign of the time that the economic blight facing the nation can affect any business, regardless of how worthy it may be.

And there are certainly few more worthy than Remploy, which gives jobs to disabled people.

For some, it has been a tremendously difficult task finding a job, considering their physical problems, so the decision to volunteer for redundancy will not have been taken lightly.

But it shows a reality, particularly considering that production levels at the businesses are running significantly below capacity - an all-too-familiar scenario in industry these days.

Readers will join us in hoping that, when the recovery comes along, then Remploy will be among the first to make the most of fresh opportunities, offering new work chances to disabled people from our region.

Outdoor working

IF you feel trapped in the nine-to-five rat-race or are looking for a career with a difference, Sheffield is the right place to start your search.

For the city is offering the chance to volunteers to shadow countryside rangers and possibly work towards a career in the great outdoors.

The idea is for people who are seeking a new and different challenge to get a taste of the varied tasks taken on by rangers before taking the plunge themselves.

This is a great way to test the water in a new career and we wish those taking part all the best of luck. It certainly could be a step in the right direction!