List overhaul begs many questions

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so Sheffield Council has decided to overhaul the housing waiting list meaning all 84,500 people on it will have to reapply and supply two references.

There will also be changes to criteria, so the priorities are simplified and to the number of people who are eligible for priority because they want to downsize.

Will there be enough properties with one and two bedrooms if everybody decides to downsize? I don’t think so.

If I decide to downsize and there are no vacancies where I want to go will I still be liable for bedroom tax? I think so.

I have lived in this property for 40 years surrounded by family and friends.

Will I be able to stay round here or will I be forced to take a flat in another area, probably surrounded by drunks and drug addicts, because these are the people Sheffield Council now house in what was designed for pensioners?

Will the influx of EU migrants be allocated priority housing when they arrive?

Almost certainly.

All roads leading into Sheffield should have a big sign saying full up.

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