List of mismanaged schemes is endless

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How do we, the general public, get the Sheffield council to listen to us?

All the usual excuses for not having a Sheffield Ikea store, not the first time, from our negative thinking council. Roads not suitable, rubbish everywhere.

Perhaps they are admitting, at long last, that their road planning, or lack of it, is stifling growth in the city.

If they look at the millions wasted, on hare-brained schemes, The Hole in the Road, Arundel Gate underpass, dual carriageways to nowhere, underpass in High Street, later turned into a pedestrian precinct, the register office, the new Town Hall extension, Pond Street baths, Meadowhead traffic scheme, the list of mismanaged schemes is endless.

The pitiful part is that it’s all done with public money. Planning department? We don’t have one. Our council could not organise the proverbial in a brewery.

Ian Bowen

dismayed and disgruntled Sheffielder.