Limit benefit to two children

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I COULDN’T agree more with the letter from LS Sheffield, published in The Star Friday March 2, entitled pregnancy is not a career.

I think that, for reasons of political correctness, this topic is not discussed as often as it should be, for fear of upsetting those who have chosen to produce large families, possibly because the birth-rate tends to be higher in certain social or ethnic groups.

But that’s just the point. Having children is a choice, unlike losing your job or becoming physically incapacitated, which usually isn’t. And too many people are still making that choice.

The population of overcrowded Britain looks set to continue to rise inexorably, with more pressure for housing to be built on greenfield sites, as well as causing even greater stress for transport, health and education.

Why should a person who has only one son or daughter lose child benefit because they’ve made the effort to get themselves into a well-paid career, whilst another who has never worked or contributed fiscally can choose to produce five or six children at the taxpayer’s expense? It’s totally wrong and unjust.

The fairest system is to limit child benefit to a woman’s first two children. Any further offspring should be at the parents’ own expense.

That’s not the same as China, where having more was simply not allowed. There could perhaps be exceptions made in the case of twins or triplets, but such a step should end the baby boom, thereby stabilising population levels, and save the country millions in benefits that could instead be invested in health and education.

M S M, Sheffield

My manifesto as elected Lord Mayor

I WOULD be honoured to stand as the elected Lord Mayor of Sheffield.

The days of councillor politicking would be drawn to a close and only the issues that mattered to the people of Sheffield would be considered as priority rather than the ‘right-on do-gooding’ we seem to embroil ourselves with now at great expense.

And when we talk of expense, the ceremonial role of Sheffield’s Lord Mayor which currently costs the taxpayer an average of £558 a day would finally become something other than a party political patsy walking around with a big chain around their neck serving little purpose.

The ‘non- jobbers’ would go, the City of Sanctuary would be closed, no Green Belt or open space would be built on... ever.

There would be open warfare declared against the unruly and feral.

Stocks and birching would be the pre-match entertainment at Hillsborough and Bramall Lane

The old court building opposite the markets would be converted into a short-stay prison offering behavioral rehabilitation programmes via the application of discomfort and moderate humiliation.

Police would police rather than offer service, pride would be restored in our streets, ghettos would be finished, slums bulldozed and rebuilt.

The supporting of Sheffield Wednesday or United would also become LAW.

No more Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City or Man Utd for the immigrant population. If you want Sheffield jobs, homes, education and healthcare then you take our second-rate football teams as well.

But most importantly, education would be number one. The days of dumb being cool would be over.

Yes it would be messy, yes there would be rough times but out of the chaos would rise a new Sheffield, a prouder Sheffield, a Sheffield where Sheffield children could expect to grow up and have a Sheffield job waiting for them.

LS Sheffield

The clock is ticking

you must pull the plug now Mr Clegg on your partnership with the Tories or face total wipe-out at the next election.

You have already lost the student vote. The clock is ticking towards total oblivion for the Lib Dems and you and your feckless partners will be dealt with by the electorate. Masia Summers

Nice work for some

Are the public sector workers a protected species? Good pay and benefits, job security, it’s gotta be nice work if you can get it.

EB Warris, Raeburn Place, S14

Can’t wait for Warhol

It was marvellous to see reference to the forthcoming Andy Warhol exhibition at the Graves Art Gallery, starting in April.

I had no idea the legendary art dealer Anthony D’Offay was Sheffield born, so this exhibition curated by him is a real coup for the city.

Growing up and being an art student in the 1960s, I was immediately attracted to the pop art genre, both in Britain and America.

Steve Davies, West View Lane, Totley Rise, S17

Don’t blame motorist

All those people who want speed restrictions reducing to 20mph I ask you this question.

When did you last stroll across the road with your children, or with other people while the red man was showing, thus endangering yourself and your children and the motorist?

Practise what you preach to the motorist. It’s not always our fault.

Jamile Amran, Chapeltown