Like putting Beckham’s head on my body

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The headline on my last rant may have given the impression that I support the ‘facade’ methodology of ‘conserving heritage’ as regards the new retail development.

No I don’t. The old street pattern should be kept at the back of Cambridge Street and Backfields to provide some character and reminder of the past.

Both the Bethel Sunday School and adjacent Chapel survived in the 21st century as retail units, why can’t they now?

Facades are akin to me having my head cut off and stuck onto David Beckham’s body, it ain’t original and looks bl***y odd.

Plus you’ve chucked out the baby with the bath water – “an Adam fireplace but minus the Georgian Square”, as David Fine wrote.

I look forward to reading the Modernist Guide to Sheffield with interest by the way – but that’s a whole other story.

Ron Clayton