Life sentence for Rotherham murderer

Mark Stocks. Jailed for life for murder of Jock Dunn.
Mark Stocks. Jailed for life for murder of Jock Dunn.
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An alcoholic drug addict who stabbed another man to death in a frenzied attack after a row over a cannabis factory has been jailed for life.

Mark Stocks was told by Sheffield’s top judge he must serve at least 19 years in prison for the murder of George ‘Jock’ Dunn, 44, in Herringthorpe, Rotherham, before he can be considered for parole.

His girlfriend, Donna Haylock, aged 45, was given a five-year term for perverting the course of justice - she tried to clean the blood-stained bathroom, hall carpet, walls and the murder weapon in a bid to hamper the police investigation.

Jailing Stocks, 40, Judge Julian Goose QC said the killing was exacerbated by the fact he stabbed Mr Dunn 20 times then stopped him from getting medical treatment and locked him in his flat.

“He managed to dial 999 as he lay seriously injured. You stopped the call after he begged for help and told the operator he had been stabbed to death.

“When the operator called back, you lied to him. You deliberately and cruelly prevented the deceased from getting help. You took away his phone, then you left the deceased trapped in the hallway.

“After half an hour, during which he was bleeding to death, he managed to climb through a window. This was a seriously aggravating feature of this murder. It added to the suffering of the defendant.”

The court heard Stocks and Haylock, both alcoholics who were addicted to heroin, had agreed to let Mr Dunn use their flat in Greenfield Road, Herringthorpe, to grow skunk cannabis and split the proceeds. Both admitted producing cannabis.

They had made £56,000 out of the operation when the men fell out on May 23.

Judge Goose said it was unclear what triggered the fatal argument adding: “You were both without money but in desperate need of alcohol and heroin. He owed you money and he knew you were stealing part of the cannabis crop.”