Life is more important than belief or colour

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Concerning the recent EDL protests in Sheffield: I am a student enjoying my time in Sheffield and can see how the city relies upon many people all working together to make the city what it is.

As a wheelchair user it is not often I can cite my disability as qualification.

My disability taught me not to hold needless hate towards anybody, because when your mobility and your future, rests in the hands of doctors and surgeons of all colours and creeds, you just see them as people who have saved your life. 

How they pray or what they look like is of no real significance.

I just wish more people would learn that, and I wonder, had the protesters been in my position, would they have raised an objection?

Had they, or worse a family member been lying in hospital, with medical professionals debating if the young child in their care would be able to talk, move or eat, would they then have made a fuss about the doctor’s skin colour or faith?

I am now working towards my degree but I couldn’t have done any of this if a haemorrhage in my brain hadn’t been detected quickly enough by a black doctor. I do not know the name of the man but I wish to say thank you.

Still think multiculturalism doesn’t work? I am living proof.