Licence fee payers are funding promotion

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With reference to J Bunting, (The Star, September 30, 2015), who questions the BBC’s Question Time programmes bias and impartiality.

Anyone who has been invited into the audience of this programme will know that it is certainly NOT what the BBC and Dimbleby try fooling us, the viewer, into believing i.e. non-biased and impartiality.

For instance they would have the viewer believe the show is live – it is no such thing.

They would also have us believe the questions asked are off the cuff, again not true.

The questions are hand- picked prior to the show being televised. Indeed the questioners when picked out, are removed from the audience and vetted back stage.

Whether the questions are known by the panel before they are actually asked I couldn’t say but it makes one wonder?

Further proof regarding their ‘looney left’ leanings, if any is needed, was the QT programme when BNP’s Nick Griffin was invited and the totally biased audience wouldn’t let him even answer a question with Dimbleby staying silent.

Only recently during this year’s election debates on the BBC they tried it on yet again with UKIP’s Nigel Farage who shut them up in no uncertain terms.

The BBC impartial? Definitely not.

The BBC biased? Definitely.

And we the licence fee payers are funding them to promote their ‘loony left’ leanings.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74