Libyans seek more support

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PROTESTERS demanding an end to Colonel Gaddafi’s despotic rule have urged Sheffield’s 1,800 Libyan students to join their movement.

South Yorkshire’s Libyan community staged a rally in front of Sheffield Town Hall on Saturday, part of a week-long series of daily protests.

Several hundred civilians were killed in Libya this weekend as the dictator clamped down on pro-democracy campaigners.

Mukhtar Kabar, an exiled Libyan journalist who fled to Sheffield 20 years ago, told The Star it was vital the international Libyan community supports the uprising.

“Gaddafi is very conscious of what happens abroad,” he said. “We are a long way from Tripoli but what we do here is important.

“It is important now that Sheffield’s Libyan students join us. There are 1,800 Libyans studying in the universities and language schools.

“Many of them are from the Gaddafi tribe. But if he sees them join the uprising, he will know his power has gone. He needs to know that what he does is unacceptable.”