LIB DEMS: Delegate confronts 2,000 angry protesters - VIDEO

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POLICE had to escort a Lib Dem Conference delegate to safety after he confronted 2,000 angry demonstrators ahead of today’s march in Sheffield, writes Ben Spencer.

Patrick Streeter, from the east London borough of Tower Hamlets, tried to grab a microphone from one of the protesters and speak to the crowds gathered in Devonshire Green.

But he failed and a small group turned on him yelling “Tory scum, Tory scum”.

Police dashed to his aid through the crowds and escorted him away.

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch The Star’s video report of the incident.

Mr Streeter, who last year was unsuccessful in his bid to become a Lib Dem candidate to stand for the role of London Mayor, decided to have his say when he saw the protesters as he made his way to the Lib Dem Spring Conference at Sheffield City Hall.

The venue is surrounded by a metal fence to protect delegates.

Smartly dressed, carrying a briefcase, displaying his yellow Lib Dem badge and City Hall pass, he stood out from the crowd of banner waving protesters.

He told The Star: “I was on my way to the conference and I wanted to make my views known.

“I think everyone should have the right to speak.

“I support the coalition and I think we need to try to make a difference in Government. We have had to make difficult choices.”




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