Lib Dems attack office move cash ‘waste’

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DEFEATED Lib Dems have made their first attack on the incoming Labour administration at Sheffield Council – for planning to move the party’s Town Hall offices which they claim will cost ‘thousands of pounds’.

The first floor rooms involved have been used by the Lib Dems for the last 15 years and are not connected to offices used by the leader and cabinet which they had to vacate after losing power last week.

Labour are proposing to use the rooms for their councillors and officials, who are currently based in another set of rooms on the second floor of the Pinstone Street building.

Lib Dem deputy leader, Coun David Baker, said: “It’s slightly odd that Labour councillors want to take over an entire floor of the Town Hall, bringing in external removal men and changing locks at an extortionate cost to the taxpayer.”

Coun Baker, aged 74, who has mobility problems, added: “I don’t see why taxpayers should have to shell out thousands of pounds just so Labour councillors don’t have to walk up an extra flight of stairs.

“At time when money is tight we should be thinking about what is the most economical thing to do.”

Lib Dems claim the council is set to pay £350 a day for removal men, who could be needed for two or three days to carry out the work. They also say that changing locks to the rooms could cost up to £100 and more money would be required for work to change around computer and phone lines.

Labour leader Coun Julie Dore said: “Given the Lib Dems’ massive defeat in the elections last week I would have thought that they’d be concentrating on working out how to be an effective opposition. So it’s a shame that they have already been reduced to sulking about which office they get in the Town Hall. I think local people expect more from their political representatives than this.”