LETTERS: Thatcher was a cold, destructive cash-driven dealer

Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher
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So, we have a letter on your pages in praise of Mrs Thatcher.

Bit odd that this should happen a few decades too late. Why anyone should see the end of proper unions as anything to shout about I really do not know.

Especially as we now see the direct consequences of that today, not only that, from her direct political offspring.

You know, trivial stuff like zero hours contracts, National Living (servant) Wage, our hundreds of thousands of working poor, by which I mean all those who work full time but still qualify for benefits. How anyone who contributed to the evolution of all this can be considered “great” does puzzle me.

As for having been the “sick man of Europe” that is just a ridiculous claim.

And bringing Brown into the equation gives rise to the following comment – George Osborne has borrowed more than all of the previous Labour governments put together.

Worth considering that for a minute.

Also we get “reclaimed the Falklands” as some sort of glittering prize in her list of accomplishments. Thatcher used that conflict to drum up support during an election campaign, a very low antic indeed.

Almost as low as running pictures of somebody eating a bacon sandwich in the national press to try and catch a few votes.

76 per cent of the electorate did not vote for Cameron because of the caustic effects of the Tory “I’m alright Jack” mantra.

Decades have gone by, people have learned, Thatcher today would be even more unpopular than she was then.

All those people she conned into a millstone for life via a former council house mortgage have grown up and paid off those mortgages and now see her for what she really was.

A cold, vindictive, cash- driven dealer in misery and pure detestation of the under classes. Some people will always see the good in being like that.

Bill Stewardson