LETTERS: So long Ron Springett - thanks for the beefburger

Rong Springett
Rong Springett
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I am sorry to hear Ron Springett had passed away. I used to work on the Master Cutler Pullman train. I met Ron on there when he used to travel to play in matches.

He asked me if I went to away matches, I said yes, so I went to the next away at Stoke with six mates and he gave me eight tickets.

Then Peter Swan came out and gave me another six tickets so I went in the queue and sold them.

I got a beefburger with the last ticket, we lost 4-0. Jimmy Greenhoff and John Ritchie scored two each.

One day at King’s Cross Station Ron Springett came along the platform followed by a photographer. He took a photograph of him and us in the crew.

After the photograph was published in the Sporting Live that was seen all around the world.

I saw him a couple more times.

I joined the Merchant Navy in 1960, and I was in Bombay in 1966 when Wednesday were in the Cup Final. I had two bets on them at 66-1, I was sick.

So long Ron.

Maurice Worth