LETTERS: Sharp slap makes offender think again

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Yet again we are reading about enquiries into inappropriate behaviour.

I truly sympathise with children and people who are very vulnerable, as in the case of the Jimmy Savile investigation.

However, I find it difficult to sympathise with adult women in the workplace who only voice their complaints after many years.

Speaking from personal experience, I find that a stinging cheek from a sharp slap brings swift retribution and makes the offender think again about their offensive behaviour.

Women, at the very least, should tell them in a clear and firm voice to remove their hands and to stop touching them in an inappropriate manner.

They should turn the tables on these men and make them feel humiliated.

It would at least give them back their self-respect.

No man whatever his position has a right to abuse that position in such a way.

Until women speak out loud at the time of the offence they will continue to be abused in this way.

Christine Langham S6

* The term “no specific account” was banded around at the beginning of the Savile scandal, so for Nick Clegg to say there was nothing to look into is far from the truth.

As we have been told in the papers he did know this was happening up to five years ago.

Danny Alexander was told to look into this but still nothing was done.