LETTERS: Scargill told the truth, Thatcher did not

Arthur Scargill
Arthur Scargill
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I feel concerned about your Star letter writer on August 20 about alternative views to left-wingers who write to the Star.

The person who wrote wishes to talk about Margaret Thatcher’s reign but is reluctant to put their name to the letter.

Margaret Thatcher came to power in 1979 with the knowledge she had loads of money coming into the treasury coffers from North Sea oil, which was in plentiful supply, and so decided to systematically destroy the major industries of this country to try to bring the working class on their knees in order to gain revenge for the downfall of Ted Heath’s government from the three-day working week, to make the working class grateful to accept the crumbs that fell off the table.

The millions of pounds that were paid out in redundancy from this policy from North Sea oil which was at the time the country’s biggest asset was scandalous.

This then left us with nothing in the kitty, so then the other assets that belonged to the people without asking were sold off , including gas, water, electricity, which then put money in the avaricious greedy belt- and-braces brigade pockets through under-priced share issues selling to their party donors as always, in order to sell at a higher price and make a “big killing’’.

Arthur Scargill did make a mistake by not holding the ballot on strike action but he did tell the truth on total pit closures, a word that would never come out of Margaret Thatcher’s mouth.

The Falklands war, once again working class lives lost fighting a war, the Tories don’t like the working class but need them to fight their wars and work for a pittance to line the pockets of the bosses.

Margaret Thatcher was that good, her own party full of Judases got rid of her to save their precious ruling word “power’’ but she left a legacy for her children Dodgy Dave, Horrible George and their cohorts to adopt and now they are set free with a majority, we shall see how far they go before they are rumbled.

Alan Charlesworth

Spa Lane, Woodhouse, Sheffield, S13