LETTERS: Roadworks are causing chaos

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What on earth is Amey playing at?

Yesterday, Monday, August 10, I had occasion to visit my doctor’s surgery at Crosspool, so went by taxi as I usually do.

On leaving I caught the 51 bus to Broomhill and called in at Sainsburys, then went to the bus stop at the top of Glossop Road to catch the 120 bus.

The bus arrived with the usual sign to Fulwood, so I caught it.

The driver passed the shops at Broomhill but then turned right into Manchester Road, so of course the few passengers went to ask him where he was going and he said Fulwood at the top of Crimicar Lane.

As I wanted to be at Graham Road, I decided I would stay on, (the only one), and get off at Crosspool. I eventually got off at the first stop up Sandy-gate road at the cutting which takes you down to Watt Lane, so I went down there along Watt Lane, down Ranmoor Cliffe Road and left until I reached Graham Road.

It took me 45 minutes, not bad for 93 years, but I was determined and had no other choice!

Today, Tuesday, I set off down Graham Road to Fulwood Road where nothing was happening, and just one lady was sitting at the bus stop.

The road was clear, no workmen, nothing!

However more people joined us and on reading the notice in the bus shelter, there wouldn’t be any buses.

We decided to walk down into Nether Green Road and catch the 83A bus to town.

I was miles behind the others but carried on walking, so far, I thought we shall soon be in Endcliffe Park.

However, I finally arrived in town at the stop behind the Crucible but not knowing where I would catch a bus back to Nether Green, I called in the Information centre.

After about 10 minutes discussion, I was told to catch the 83A bus on Leopold Street. So after shopping in Marks & Spencer in their food department, for meals for one, I caught the bus back.

What usually takes me just over a hour, took me almost two hours.

I need a walking stick when out and can only walk at my own pace but I was so thankful I managed it and as my mum used to say, “everything’s sent to try us”, I was well and truly tried.

Dorothy Canning

Graham Road, S10