LETTERS: No choice but to live with the Moor Market

Moor market
Moor market
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I read your article on December 9, about Mixed views on the Market.

The reality is stallholders have to live with it.

I attended the support small businessevent on December 5, which was intended to support the market traders who have been in distress over some years.

I agree patience is a virtue but survival is an essential fact.

I wonder if there was ever a marketing plan done on its location and a proper consultation to assure the location of the new market is the correct place to get the required footfall.

If it is a case of having to be patient, was this information passed on to the traders, telling them they have to wait for many years before the footfall would increase and how this footfall would increase?

I noticed that they allowed a Christmas market at Fargate and in front of the Town Hall.

I cannot see how this would increase the footfall at the Moor Market.

In fact it would assist in reducing the footfall there.

Or is the message, the proper sighting of the Market is in front of the Town Hall?

Every credit to Paul Bloomfield MP and Sheffield council chief Julie Dore for supporting Small Business Saturday and the few other councillors who took interest and attended.


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