LETTERS: Most of these people are just economic migrants

A reader says more needs to be done to help refugees. See letter
A reader says more needs to be done to help refugees. See letter
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Yet again the tide of refugees gets larger by the day. I have mixed feelings about Britain’s role in the resettlement of refugees.

At least David Cameron has taken the right step in stating that the thousands of refugees that we are to take will come from the UN camps on the Syrian border and not those who are already in Europe.

I say this as I was always under the impression that a refugee will arrive in the first safe country that they can get to. They will plead for help, and be thankful of the help and refuge their host nation provides.

I did not ever comprehend that a refugee would protest, riot, and even break the law in order to get what they want.

Many of the refugees first arrived in Turkey, a safe democracy.

They have then moved on to other countries, such as Hungary, Austria and then Germany.

It won’t be long before many will even join the other people camping in Calais, ready for a new life in Britain.

I do not accept that these people are in Europe purely for their safety. They are here to see what they can get.

If that wasn’t so then why do these people move from country to country, trying to find their way to richer Western Europe?

I have to agree with what many other people are saying. That a large majority are not only refugees, but economic migrants.

David Blunkett made a rather stupid comment the other day stating “we have to let in lots more refugees so that people will take our country seriously”.

Hang on a minute, I thought this was a refugee crisis, and not a PR stunt to make our country seem a kind place.

I think we should possibly resettle some of the most vulnerable, but not those that are taking advantage. Call me racist, call me a fascist. I am neither.

But ask the regular guy on the street and he will agree that we are seen around the world as a soft touch.

We are not a racist country just because we approach the refugee crisis with an air of caution.

Matthew Hobson

by email