LETTERS: ‘More tax credits lies from the nasty party?’

Chancellor George Osborne
Chancellor George Osborne
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What a hell of a surprise! Not more lies from the ‘nasty vermin party’?

The government has been accused of trying to hide the negative impact of its changes to tax credits after producing an analysis that fails to show how poorer families will be hit.

A Treasury select committee member describes this official analysis as an ‘obvious sleight of hand’.

That can’t be true can it? The ‘nasty party’ taking advantage of the worse-off workers, never!

Labour MP Frank Field said ‘Squeaky’ George and Posh’ Dave “simply won’t come clean about the impact of these cuts on Britain’s lowest-paid workers”.

‘Posh’ Dave says according to their figures people will be better off, yet even the IFS say this is arithmetically impossible.

It would appear all you have to be is ‘posh’ and be part of the ‘born to rule’ establishment in using ‘sleight of hand’ tactics because those are the only credentials you’ll ever need, unlike we ‘common folk’ who have to justify with evidence all of our claims.

The ‘toffs’ cite themselves with straight faces and expect to be taken seriously every time.

And every time they are caught out lying to us.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74