LETTERS: Jeremy Corbyn is cut from a different cloth

Jeremy Corbyn speaking in Sheffield last month
Jeremy Corbyn speaking in Sheffield last month
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Now Jeremy Corbyn has been elected leader of the Labour Party in what was an astonishing result by wining almost 60 per cent of the vote, is it now the time for the enemy within the establishment who oppose him to bury the hatchet and let him get on with the job in hand?

If the Blairites and the rest can’t stomach working with him and accept change then in my opinion they are right to throw the towel in.

There will be plenty of other MPs capable and happy to serve in Mr Corbyn’s shadow cabinet.

We are constantly reminded that the Labour Party is a broad church. I think the question they need to answer is does this parable only apply when it suits certain sections within the movement?

The news that defeated leadership contender Andy Burham, Hilary Benn, and Angela Eagle have accepted to work with him having been part of the previous regime speaks volumes that they now want to be involved in a movement that needs to move on and forward.

If they are able to put their differences to one side why can’t the rest of them?

Whether they like it or not Jeremy Corbyn was victorious simply because he offered people in this country a clear alternative – that’s why he pulled people towards him like a magnet.

He is a cut from a different cloth from the crop of polished, educated politicians that the public have been subjected to in recent years.

The new Labour leader can well do without the hostility from some within the assembly.

He knows that there is an enemy lying in wait and of its potential viciousness and faces a huge battle to overturn the collective psychology of our country that has been scarred by a continued overflow of bile from the right-wing press in their support of the Tory party and this present Government.

Ordinary working class and middle-class families have along with pensioners, the disabled, unemployed, and the low- paid suffered grotesquely during five years of austerity with more to come.

The big test for Mr Corbyn is can he bring about the changes this country so desperately needs?

John Yale

High Green