LETTERS: IKEA opportunity could slip away yet again...

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I cannot believe the headlines in Saturday’s Star: ‘IKEA store could be rejected.’

Some years ago the Sheffield Council planning dept rejected a plan for an IKEA store on the Sheffield Parkway Market site.

The main objection then was that it would detract people from the city centre. At the time I said that the site was perfect, just off the motorway and keeping excessive traffic out of the city centre.

Anyone with a little common sense would have organised a park & ride service from the car parks at the Parkway and promoted shopping trips into the city centre I was amazed when planning consent failed.

Is history about to repeat its self? Granted, junction 34 of the M1 is busy, but there is plenty of room for bypasses and car parking.

For city centre shopping we already have Supertram, the city could not do without it.

The city could promote leisure breaks. This would bring prosperity to the city. I cannot believe another opportunity like this could slip away.

Our councillors and city planners should get out onto the streets and see the pitiful sight of our youth just hanging about outside shops and on street corners because they have nothing to do. Give them a chance at some employment.

This city is right on the motorway, has rail links and has vast areas of industrial wasteland Please turn it back into life rather than letting it rot.

Paul J Sargeant

Barrow Road, S9