LETTERS: I will not wash out my caviar tins

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Once again the call goes out, “we must recycle more”, but why isn’t this call heeded at the the manufacturing point?

Why do we have to have vegetables pre-packed with useless packaging?

I would love to get my milk from a milkman who uses bottles. I hate the plastic ones we have to put up with. Why these plastic bottles haven’t been made bio-degradable I’ll never know.

Biscuits seem to have more packaging than items inside, we have blister packs for razors, blister packs for blades, again more packaging than what’s inside.

White goods are encased in polystyrene, what did we use before? Just cardboard which you could tear up and burn on your fire. Now the fireplaces have gone, the build up of material that could be burnt is getting worse every day.

Before some irk picks up on this, I do miss the open fire and if I had one all combustible material would be put on it.

I’m sure if the manufacturers put their own house in order things would get better instead of putting the onus on the consumer to get rid of the unnecessary fall-out.

I do believe in the concept of recycling but if I’m asked to wash out opened tins of soup, caviar and such, this is where I step back and say “Oi! environmentalist, no I will not wash out tins” the only thing I recycle at the moment are bikes.

The Green Giant

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