LETTERS: I was taken in by propaganda

Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
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There have been a couple of letters published recently on the subject of tree felling and previous to that on the criteria required for the felling of trees.

I am amused that the people of Sheffield actually believe the propaganda being peddled to them. I was also taken in.

I went along to the Amey roadshow at Wisewood and protested that a number of trees on Rydalhurst Avenue had been singled out for the chop.

The tree in front of my property just required pruning, something which I had asked for previously and got laughed at as ‘there was no money in the pot’.

Funny now that the funds are available trees are getting felled – no need to prune these in future.

I was assured that no action would be taken and I would receive an e-mail after a further visit was carried out to assess the course of action.

Imagine my shock on arriving home one evening to find the tree had been ‘limbed’ and subsequently felled.

No ‘survey’ there then – saves on paper!

Just remember actions like these at the next local elections when it’s time to vote!


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