Letters: Beware UKIP

UKIP candidate
UKIP candidate
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I find UKIP’s publicity very clever, in that it attracts so many people who no longer bother with established political parties , who feel deprived of a voice (as well as a quality of life beyond feeling driven hard by a political class which serves global corporatism), and who don’t feel comfortable.

The trouble is, is that UKIP seem to be a party of small business people who want to leave the EU simply because they’d benefit from a closed off UK market. The people who’ll vote for them won’t gain significantly, but they’re being taken in by the very simple but sophisticated promotional campaign – which is what business people are good at.Nigel Farage went to a top public school and set up Farage Family Educational Trust in an offshore tax haven . These people are just like the political class they criticise – in it for themselves and asking us to mandate their greed through votes.

In this, UKIP are very much of the same stock as the nastiest of old style Tories .

The fear of the left to offer socialist alternatives taking into account human foibles is pathetic, leaving the vacuum in which a nascent fascism takes an insidious hold.

Philip Hutchinson

Abbey Lane, Sheffield