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Legacy de Tour?

How about a real Tour de France legacy, a great annual City Cycle Challenge, one which could attract many cyclists from outside our city.

‘The Jaw Bone, Jenkin Jump’ A cycle race from Outibridge to Meadowhall taking in the two TdF infamous hills.

I am sure it would prove a great attraction to many cyclists, although you can count me out.

Are any of our cycle clubs interested in taking it on?

Cllr Peter Price Chair of Sheffield’s Cycle Forum

Top medicine!

I enjoy reading the ‘Star Columnist Comments’ in your paper and I’m particularly impressed by the observations and views expressed by Dr. Mary Wren.

What a wise and wonderful person this lady is!

She talks complete sense and although she is a GP. tries to find the time to make her patients realise that the best possible medicine is to help themselves (not continually feel sorry for themselves - which has a negative effect on their well-being!).

No! Fresh air, sweet fragrances wafting through the air, the birds singing freely and exercising the muscles is far, far better than being stuck in front of the telly with the remote control in one hand and a can of beer (or pop), or a cream cake, in the other.

I totally agree with your guest GP.

Helping others also gives a person a sense of purpose and well being (instead of thinking of themselves all of the time). As Dr. Mary Wren states, “Much, much better than prescribing pills and potions!”

Keep up the good work to ALL at the Star!

Geoff A Evans, Bolsover, Derbyshire

Listed waste

Does anybody give a hoot about listed buildings in Sheffield?

The old court house empty for years, General Post Office reduced to flats, Castle House ugly, Castle Market empty, Haymarket a sight for sore eyes. To top lt all the town hall dirty grimy,

E. B Warris, by email

Hague to stand down - He’ll manage

I nearly cried into my beer today (July 15) when I heard that William Hague is to stand down as a politician, not with sadness, but with hilarity.

What did this person do in politics apart from when the failed Tory party leader wearing a baseball cap tried to convince us he is a man of the people by saying how he downed 17 pints of beer a day and once 35 rum and cokes?

He may now try and do some work for once but no chance.

The money the tax -payer has paid him in wages, expenses, perks and his well-paid outside interests.

He’ll manage alright.

When he was a schoolboy he had a picture of Margaret Thatcher on his wall.

Sums this man up.

G. Ellison, S18

Sheffield is steel city - Tour protest

In view of the wonderful achievement of the Tour de France in Yorkshire, I must protest about a Twitter comment in the Sheffield Star, Tuesday June 8, by ‘Secrets and Lies’. Sheffield is a city not a town, it’s the greatest steel city in the world.

We also have two good football teams, the best centre for snooker and are surrounded by magnificent scenery, Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

We were also a Norman stronghold with some French names.

The route into Sheffield could have been more picturesque, however Jenkin Road was the challenge and I think they all did very well.

The reference by the Twitter to the MP was uncalled for.

Although he is unsighted he has done a lot for the city, perhaps in some cases even better than sighted MPs.

Anyway, Mr Prudhomme, the Director of the Tour, was so delighted he mentioned when they finished in Sheffield that he would like the Tour to come back next year.

To Secrets and Lies I say ‘So there’.

Sheila O,Sheffield 10.